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Neon Martini


A comic take on a post-Trump America, comprehensively offensive to the Constitution, presidency, Congress, the Wild West and the mortuary industry.

In the aftermath of his chaotic ninety-nine-day administration, ex-President ‘Genghis’ Caan escapes the blizzard of House committee hearings and grand jury investigations in Washington for a vacation in Moscow. While Genghis arm-wrestles President Putin for world domination, the new president struggles to repair America’s shattered international relations and reunite a country riven by political, religious and ethnic discord. House Speaker Jack Gould is nominated for vice president, setting off a chain of events that ignites a battle for the freedom and liberty of the nation and threatens to plunge the country into civil war. America is one small step from unleashing its nuclear arsenal on Belgium, London and Lewisville, Arkansas, and Jack Gould is a cocktail olive from the Oval Office.

Book categories: Novels and Story Collections