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Sherlock Holmes & Young Winston – The Giant Moles


December 1887

Since Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson met young Winston Churchill in the spring of 1887, as described in an earlier volume of this series, the boy has been a frequent visitor to 221B Baker Street. With his mother and father away over the Christmas holidays on a European tour, Winston and his younger brother, Jack are in the care of their nanny, the formidable Mrs Everest.

Young Churchill, now thirteen years of age, the cadet section of the Sherlock Holmes detective agency as Holmes called him, spends his Christmas holidays assisting Sherlock Holmes in solving the case of the missing Apostles’ papers, exposing the mad doctor of Hammersmith and tracking the Giant Moles of Paradol Hall in Herefordshire.

Oh, yeah! The fun is back! Not that the fun went away entirely: author Mike Hogan has also published several short pastiches between the publication of the second book in the “Young Winston” series and the appearance of this one, so at least I was able to see more of Hogan’s take on Holmes and Watson. However, the “Young Winston” series has a charm all its own and I’m happy to see that the third (perhaps final, but perhaps not) book is here.

The third in the Holmes, Watson and Young Winston series in my opinion is the best. A real rollercoaster ride of political intrigue, spiritualism, fire, theft and outrageous adventures. As with the others in this series the book wonderfully research so with all the fine detail you can totally immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the time.
At the end of the book the author hints at further books in this series if there is interest, well I for one say bring them on.

Mike Hogan concludes his trilogy of Holmes stories involving a young Winston Churchill with a tale of giant moles, stolen papers,gunfire, distraught women and greedy doctors. Plus an adversary by the name of Colonel Moran! As with the other books in the series, the dialogue is convincingly authentic with the author’s customary gentle humour well to the fore. It is certainly action packed yet there is plenty of time for reflective moments and that oh so delicious dialogue. Mike Hogan’s Holmes and Watson are so well written and presented they almost seem like his own creation rather than someoen elses. Yet, for all that they are decidedly canon-like in all their actions and words. Holmes purists will have no quibbles here and indeed will find much to savour amongst its pages. Superb from start to finish and as trilogies go and indeed singular pastiches, you are unlikely to come across any better than this volume and its two predecessors.
A superb addition to a fine trilogy of books. Mike Hogan delivers once more…..a thrilling finale to a wonderful trilogy. There are few if any better pastiche writers at work at the present time….and if you are thinking of writing one yourself, then use these three books as a template, you would not go wrong. Thrills, quite, quite wonderful dialogue between the main characters, well, to be honest between all the characters. There are a few trilogies around, there are a few series around but Mike Hogan’s Holmes, Watson and young Winston stand head and shoulders above the rest. Five star entertainment.
The Baker Street Society

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