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Book Category: Kohada Collection


Sherlock Holmes – The Skull of Kohada Koheiji

Story 1 in the Kohada Collection. All is not well at the great Japanese Native Village Exhibition at Humphrey’s Hall…

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Sherlock Holmes – The Ratcliffe Highway Affair

Story 2 in the Kohada Collection. Holmes and Watson learn of an oracle in East London that predicts the future.…

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Sherlock Holmes – Murder on the Impulsive

Story 3 in the Kohada Collection. Holmes is called in to rid a Royal Navy battleship of a vampire that…

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Sherlock Holmes – The DeGascoigne Mummy

Story 4 in the Kohada Collection. Holmes and Watson are engaged by the widow of Sir Edmund de Gascoigne, an…

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Sherlock Holmes – The Reckoning of Kit Marlowe

Story 5 in the Kohada Collection.  “When a man’s verses cannot be understood, nor a man’s good wit seconded with…

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